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Music: CATTAC - Ghost Of Mine
Taken from the album « Rising Demons »

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Behind The Door - from album "Illusion of the time"

Видео немного жутковатое, но музыка... Это нечто.

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Funny that was my first thought. She really ruffled some feathers when she spoke about abuse and the Catholic Church. One strong brave soul who spoke out while all around buried their heads in the sand . And surprise surprise she was right. She was a very powerful singer and an amazing advocate during my youth and a person i admired. . Rest in eternal peace Sinead.

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Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, known professionally as Tove Lo , is a Swedish singer and songwriter. She has been called "Sweden's darkest pop export" by Rolling Stone. She is known for her raw, grunge-influenced take on pop music. Out Magazine referred to her autobiographical lyrical content as making her "the saddest girl in Sweden"

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Roberto Zanetti (born November 28, 1956) is an Italian singer, music producer, composer and businessman from Massa, Tuscany. As a singer he is known under the stage name Savage, and as a music producer he uses the alias Robyx. Zanetti has produced and written music for several artists other than himself, including Ice MC, Double You, Alexia, Corona and Zucchero. In the end of 1983 he recorded under the stage name we well know him right now: Savage. "Don't Cry Tonight" that become a HUGE track all over the Europe and remixed endless times. The popularity of this track was so big that he decided to follow the success and in the same year recorded his next track in the same style called "Only You". This song became a a classic of low beat ITALO-DISCO sound and is now part o ... Читать дальше »

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Эта моя старая миксация 2017 года.

01. Ice MC - Easy (Pretty Boy Makes Rave Rework)
02. Savage - I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight (Extended Mix)
03. Savage - I'm Loosing You (Euro-Energy Remix)
04. Savage - Goodbye (Extended Mix)
05. Ice MC feat. Savage - Easy (Attack Remix)
06. Savage feat. Ice MC - Don't Cry Tonight (Rap In The Night Remix'89)
07. Ice MC feat. Savage - Scream (Extended Zombie Remix)
08. Savage - Ten Years Ago (Intro)
09. Savage - Jane
10. Savage - Still I'm Loving You
11. Savage - So Close (Long Version)
12. Lita Beck - It's Allright (Extended Version)
13. Wilson Ferguson - Show Me
14. Alexia Cooper - Boy (Remix)
15. Savage - Go ... Читать дальше »

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Electric Youth is a Canadian synth-pop duo from Toronto, Ontario consisting of Bronwyn Griffin (vocals, songwriter) and Austin Garrick (producer, songwriter, synthesizer, drums).

Synthpop/Synthwave group 'Electric Youth' performing live for their label 'Secretly Canadian'.
Four existing youtube videos combined.
Fantastic band with not nearly enough recognition.

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Concert filmed on June 17, 2023 at the Hellfest Open Air Festival


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Performed by Hans Zimmer and The Disruptive Collective.

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