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Synth replicants - She Was My Child (2022)

Synth replicants - She Was My Child (2022)

"Last Embrace" is the musical project consisting of the spoken word poetry of Shane Beck, and Synth Replicants.

"She Was My Child"

I recall watching the classic series over & over as we laughed & smiled 
Those silly faces we made as we had pillow fights & the comfort we shared 
In the last 2 weeks before you passed on, I heard you laugh & it hurt so bad 
Because I never wanted to let go, am crying now, but wanted to let you know 
Telling me it is ok to move on & find love, but I remain haunted inside
She was my child..... 

And in the end, you called me a raging protective lion, gave you all you asked for 
The Bear who held you in his fierce embrace & silently cried, I am so sorry..... 
She was my child.... 

I was her best friend, her mother and father & the one who released her on the day 
Never tried to replace you, I only wanted to let you know, you were the one....... 
You drew pictures of smiling horses and pretty round hedgies, (May Sun) 
There is never night where I don't speak to you, everyone, they call me strong 
But you were the light that faded into the sun, in my heart you forever belong 
And as I walk to the cliffs to visit you, hear my words & understand this song....

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