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Solar Fields & Krister Linder Live at the Museum of World Culture, Gothenburg / Sweden

On the 30th January 2016 Solar Fields and Krister Linder Joined forces for a performance at the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg, Sweden. The concert centered around a cross pollination of their works.

Solar Fields is the electronic music project of Magnus Birgersson, a music composer and graphic designer from Sweden. He built a unique sound universe by exploring the wide possibilities of ambient, atmospheric, deep, ecstatic, industrial yet organic, cultivating contrasts and subtlety with brio. Before starting Solar Fields in 2001, Magnus has been involved in many projects since a teenager, playing drums, percussion, piano, keyboards, for various bands.

As a "high tech" sound designer (sampling, sequencing, morphing, programming) and multi-instrumentalist (sitar, veena, guitars), Magnus collaborated with several art galleries and museums. His latest sound installation at Trabekel (Sandviken, Spring 2004) met a great success: in synchronization to the work of pictorial artist Antonio Sognasoldi, he presented four pieces which could be played simultaneously and evolve depending on the position of the visitor in the gallery.

Magnus Birgersson signed with Ultimae Records and released in 2001 his debut album, Reflective Frequencies. In November 2005, the two albums Leaving Home and Extended were released, the latter being a limited edition. These albums are receiving excellent comments from the media, opening new horizons for Magnus and his true visionary work.

Next Solar Fields' album was EarthShine, issued in 2007. It was followed in 20 January 2009 by Movements. This album contains his most popular track, "Sol".

For much of 2008, Magnus has been working on the soundtrack for the Electronic Arts video game Mirror's Edge, which was issued on 19 May 2009. In 26 July 2010 a new album entitled Altered - Second Movements was released. In the same year, it saw the light the album Origin # 01.

Official site: SOLAR FIELDS

Enjoy the sound of music my friends.


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