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It's hard to classify Sevdaliza in a style, whether it's his slightly disturbing look or his avant-garde music with futuristic accents that mixes electronic, indie, trip-hop and r'n'b music. In Passengers, she spreads her quirky aura and fascinating titles from her latest album: Shabrang to the Musée des Arts et Métiers.

Based in Rotterdam and born in Iran, Sevdaliza seems to come from another planet. In 2017, this singer-songwriter unveiled a misty musical universe mixed with soaring and heady r'n'b, cousin of the British virtuoso FKA Twigs. The following year, she returned with the atmospheric The Calling, where she set her clear and pale timbre, sometimes manipulated with a vocoder, on hypnotic melodies that combine electro, r'n'b and classical lyricism. In her latest introspective opus, Sevdaliza explores dark themes: passion, heartbreak, despair, mental health, drug abuse and death. A melancholic album, without falling into pathos. In Passengers, she unfolds her melodies, as if on a wire, accompanied by her well-felt dance steps that suck us into her enigmatic universe.


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