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Gummy Boy - Remembrance (2023)
Gummy Boy - Remembrance (2023)

Формат: MP3, tracks, 320kbps
Год выпуска: 2023
Страна: Russia
Жанр: Synthwave, Retrowave, Outrun, Synthpop, Dreamsynth, Sovietwave, Electroniс
Продолжительность: 02:17:12

01. Nargilia Night
02. Dreamer
03. Gummy Boy
04. Don't Leave
05. Secret Moon
06. Anestetic
07. Salut To Pauda
08. Feel It
09. I'll Be With You
10. Cote D'Azur
11. Night Hero
12. High Sneakers
13. Night Driver
14. Sweet Kiss
15. My Favorite Racer
16. Love Express
17. Moonlight
18. High In The Clouds
19. Mont Blanc
20. Remember Me
21. I'm Going Away
22. Living Out A Dream
23. MariWave
24. Dirty Dancer
25. Space Gummy
26. Look At The Stars
27. City Lights
28. We Were Happy
29. Teddy Bear
30. Goodbye
31. We Will Be Back
32. Goodbye Part 2
33. Martini Ice
34. Summer Goodbye

Maxim Nikolaev from Voronezh : "I live by music and music lives in me! I try to recreate in the listener the feeling of nostalgia and warmth that permeates you when you remember some individual moments of your life while listening to this music. Life is full of memories, and with the help of my creativity, I encourage the listener to remember what has already been forgotten, or to rejoice in what I did not attach importance to in the past."
The compositions of Gummy Boy are filled with romance, created with a soul. Romance and love - that's what moved the musician. Yes, the sound is cool, very synthetic, without naive sugary melodies, but quite pleasant, inspiring and exciting.
Compiled, Edited & Cover by Gertrudda.

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Категория: Synthwave/Spacesynth | Просмотров: 247 | Добавил: gertruddaa | Теги: Dreamsynth, Synthpop, Synthwave, OutRun, Sovietwave, Electroniс, Retrowave | Рейтинг: 5.0/6
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1 AlexFilMit • 20:21, 28.01.2023
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2 evassv • 06:52, 31.01.2023
Поставил! Только сейчас увидел месседж facepalm
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