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Escape Driver - Escape Driver (2020)
Escape Driver - Escape Driver (2020)

Формат: MP3, tracks, 320kbps
Год выпуска: 2020
Страна: USA
Жанр: Synthwave, Outrun, Retrowave, Synthrock, Electronic
Продолжительность: 01:34:07

01. Run (Video Single Release)
02. Run (Johnny's Acoustic Mix)
03. Take Me Home
04. Fade (Instrumental)
05. Fade
06. Run (Instrumental)
07. Run
08. The Forgotten (Instrumental)
09. The Forgotten
10. Never Fall Apart (Instrumental)
11. Never Fall Apart
12. Immortal (Instrumental)
13. Immortal
14. Runaway (Instrumental)
15. Runaways
16. Ghost (Instrumental)
17. Ghost
18. No Fate (Instrumental)
19. No Fate
20. SOS (Instrumental)
21. SOS
22. Paradise (Instrumental)
23. Paradise
24. Forever And A Day (Instrumental)
25. Forever And A Day

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Категория: Synthwave/Spacesynth | Просмотров: 262 | Добавил: gertruddaa | Теги: Synthrock, Synthwave, Retrowave, OutRun, Electronic | Рейтинг: 5.0/2
Всего комментариев: 1
1 gertruddaa • 23:47, 24.08.2020
Escape the mundane and ride the wave of high intensity 80’s synth rock with album from Escape Driver. “Escape Driver” pushes the boundaries of what you’ve come to expect from a synth wave group, transforming the genre with stadium style rock choruses, an arsenal of synthesizer sounds, soaring guitars and devastating drums. Feel the earth shake beneath your feet as Escape Driver takes you down a road of self-discovery and absolution. Their sonic and lyrical take no prisoners approach is destined to awaken your inner rebellious spirit and creative desire to take control of your destiny and never look back. Join the Runaways and remember, there’s no fate but what you create. Produced, recorded & mixed by Jon-Paul Bakaric & Brian Kage in Detroit. Compiled by Gertrudda !!!
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