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Symphony Active NEETs is a Japan live doujin orchestra circle. In 2014, they started their activities as a sister circle of Tokyo Active NEETs. Red Meteor, who had wanted to create orchestral works for a long time, and Nando Meko, who was his disciple at the time, hit it off and formed the group. Indo Nameko is in charge of the arrangement, and Red Meteor is in charge of the overall production and video production.

At the beginning of its formation, it was a type of work, but in order to break through the preconceived notions of the conventional doujin orchestra, they decided to record live performances outside of profitability. The arrangement of the indon lick and the video and production of the red meteor were hooked, and it was established as a one-of-a-kind live orchestra circle.

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Iron Attack! - ドイッチュラントの進撃

Формат: MP3, Tracks, 320 kbps
Год выпуска: 2018
Страна: Japan
Жанр: Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Instrumental
Продолжительность:  ... Читать дальше »
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Go West - Call Me


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Tomoko Aran - Fuyü-Kükan (浮遊空間)

Формат: MP3, Tracks, 243 kbps [VBR]
Год выпуска: 1983 / 2018
Страна: Japan
Жанр: City Po ... Читать дальше »
Категория: Electro-Funk | Просмотров: 202 | Добавил: evassv | Дата: 01.02.2023 | Комментарии (2)

VA - Synth of Oxygene vol 24 (2023)

Формат: MP3, tracks, 320kbps
Дата/Год выпуска: 01.02.2023
Страна: All World
Жанр: Space music, Berlin school, Newage, Ambient
Продолжительность: 03:30:55

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